RejuvenAir® Fan

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Hot Flashes and Night Sweats?
Get RejuvenAir Medical Fan!

  • Convenient automatic timer for quick relief
    You don't have to worry about switching the fan off after you have cooled down as the pre-set timer does that for you automatically, allowing you to continue sleeping in peace.
  • Large front-facing press-pad switch
    The large press-pad switch on the front makes switching the fan on and off as easy as ever. Simply press to choose different pre-set timer settings and you are good to go.
  • LED lights on press pad
    Operating in a dark room? No problem! The LED lights on the press-pad switch will tell you which timer setting you picked making it easy for you to operate in a dark room and while half asleep.
  • Automatic and continuous flow toggle
    If you do not want the flow of air interrupted by the timer, simply flip the automatic/continuous flow switch to suit your preference and continue enjoying the flow of cool air as a regular fan.
  • Fall back to sleep after turning it on
    With an ordinary fan, you have to either stay awake or wake up later after the hot flash/night sweat episode is over to switch it off because you'll be freezing. The RejuvenAir Automatic Off feature allows you to fall back to sleep after turning it on, and to continue sleeping in peaceful comfort.

Welcome to RejuvenAir. If you have been looking for remedies for hot flashes and night sweats then you have come to the right place. Many women are kept up at night because of hot flashes and night sweats and for most, finding a night sweats treatment has meant trying all manner of different remedies for night sweats that did not work. RejuvenAir was invented by a medical doctor who understands women— Dr. Lorrie Klein. RejuvenAir is the result of Dr. Lorrie Klein's interaction with dozens of female patients and conversations about the challenges night flashes pose.

RejuvenAir is as simple and as effective a night sweats treatment as you could ever need. Utilizing the simple effectiveness of cool air with the practicality of a product specially made to stop hot flashes in a convenient and practical manner, RejuvenAir is used by thousands of women to stop night sweats and give them the cool, comfortable relief they need during these uncomfortable episodes.

The RejuvenAir Fan was invented to fill an important need where no solution existed.  Hot flashes and night sweats come on unexpectedly and wake women up and disrupt their sleep.  Attempts at cooling down lead to chilling after the the hot flash/night sweats dissipate.  Ideally, the solution should be easy to turn on while half asleep and turn off by itself.  This led to the invention of the RejuvenAir Fan.

RejuvenAir takes up just a small space on your bed stand.  It cools only the person experiencing the hot flashes or night sweats, not the entire bed or the entire room.  It comes fully assembled and does not require installation. It’s also light and portable.

Convenient Automatic Pre-set Timer

RejuvenAir is a convenient and very practical night sweats treatment cooling device created by Dr. Lorrie Klein M.D., a woman who has suffered these uncomfortable episodes herself. If you have been wondering how to stop night sweats without having to stay up in order to switch off the fan, RejuvenAir is designed just for you. The device features three pre-set timings that switch off the fan automatically.

Set for 2.5, 5, and 10 minutes, the timer has been built to ensure you get cooled down only in the short period the hot flash episodes last and not freeze you long after that. As in most instances hot flashes night sweats may last only a few minutes but occur multiple times in one night, it makes sense to have a device with a timer that switches off automatically.

Large Front-Facing Flash Press-pad with LED Lights

RejuvenAir night sweats treatment device has a large front-facing Flash press-pad that switches between the different preset times. This large easy-to-use press-pad also has 3 LED lights representing each preset time making it easy to operate while you are half asleep and in a dark room. Using the large button to activate or deactivate the device is also very convenient if you want to stop hot flashes while you work. The push button and automatic timer means you can operate it without breaking your concentration on what you were doing.

Other Features

The FAST/SLOW switch regulates the speed of the flow of air; the Oscillation switch toggles the oscillation of the fan; and the automatic timer/ continuous switch allows you to regulate the air flow based on whether you want the device to shut off automatically or run continuously.

RejuvenAir is one of the easiest-to-use and most practical remedies for hot flashes and night sweats because it was created by someone who has not only suffered the inconvenience of hot flashes night sweats but also understands hot flashes. Dr. Lorrie Klein is a certified doctor and a Board Certified Dermatologist and so she understands hot flashes both as a doctor and as a woman.

So if you are tired of trying out remedies for hot flashes and night sweats, make your order for RejuvenAir today and go back to enjoying the cool comfort and relief of a good night's sleep. The RejuvenAir hot flashes treatment pack is available for purchase here and at selected stores countrywide.

RejuvenAir is a revolutionary and innovative treatment for night sweats that helps women suffering from these uncomfortable and inconveniencing episodes to stop hot flashes. Hot flashes, as they are commonly known, affect mostly women who are in the menopausal and pre-menopausal stages of their lives. Many struggle trying to find remedies for hot flashes and night sweats and end up buying ordinary fans to stop night sweats. Night sweats however last only a few minutes each time so it becomes tedious to keep switching on a fan and switching it off to stop hot flashes.

RejuvenAir solves all this because it is the only treatment for night sweats that takes all these issues into consideration. Working through a built-in timer, RejuvenAir works in a similar manner to a normal fan except that it turns off automatically after a few minutes. Because hot flashes tend to occur in intervals, the RejuvenAir makes it easy to switch on the fan, go back to sleep and the fan goes off after a while.

The large Flash button and LED indicators also make it convenient to operate the RejuvenAir when you are half asleep and in a dark room. RejuvenAir can also be used to cool off when working or working out as it works silently and automatically goes off in the background. The fan can also be used as a normal fan by flipping the Timed/ Continuous flow switch.

RejuvenAir How-To Guide Timed/ Continuous Switch

This switch toggles the fan from functioning as a regular fan to becoming a highly effective timed treatment for night sweats. Turning the switch up will ran the fan continuously while turning it down will activate the front facing timer button.

Oscillation and Speed Buttons

These two features of the RejuvenAir night sweats treatment perform very straightforward functions. The oscillation button toggles the oscillation of the fan while the speed switch controls the speed of the fan between fast and slow.

Flash Button

The Flash button on the RejuvenAir hot flashes night sweats relief device is especially designed for easy and quick activation of the fan. The large button switches between the three preset timers of 2.5 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes. Pressing once activates the first preset time, twice the second and thrice the third. This button only works when the Timed/ Continuous switch is set to Timed.

Timer LED's

Because most people who purchase the RejuvenAir night sweats treatment want to stop hot flashes at night, the LED lights become very useful as they help visualize the specific timing you have picked. One LED light indicates 2.5 minutes, two LEDs 5 minutes and three LEDs 10 minutes. This makes the RejuvenAir a convenient and innovative remedy for hot flashes and night sweats compared to ordinary fans available in the market today.


The tilt function of the RejuvenAir is another feature that makes it even easier to set up and ensure maximum benefit. When tilted, the fan can face upwards or downwards. You must, however, be careful to pivot the fan while holding the motor house and not the fan grill in order to avoid damage to your device.

Comparison of RejuvenAir Fan with other fans used for hot flashes & night sweats

      The Bed Fan™ Small Tabletop Fan -
no features
Small Tabletop Fan -
multiple speeds
Small Tabletop Fan
w / oscillation
RejuvenAir Fan®
Specifically designed to help hot
flashes and night sweats
Small and compact   some some some
Sits on bed stand with small footprint some some some
Oscillation feature   some
Multiple Speed/Air Flow Settings some some
Quiet, even at high power setting some some some
Powerful Airflow some some some
Tilt feature some some some
No assembly required some
Integrated Timer      
Automatic Shut Off      
1 finger tap control to turn on/off and set timer      
LED lights for easily visualization of timer setting      
Can be turned on and off with eyes closed (in the dark)      
3 Timer Settings      
SRP* $79.00 - $129.95 $5.99 - $ 17.99 $18.00 - $21.00 $21.99 - $149.00 $49.99

Frequently Asked Questions

RejuvenAir receives questions concerning its products from time to time. Once we start receiving the same question multiple times we add it to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. See if your question is here and if not please feel free to ask us here as we are always looking to expand this page and also wish to help our customers in whatever way we can.

Will a RejuvenAir Fan completely relieve me of menopausal symptoms?

No. The RejuvenAir Fan is designed to help alleviate hot flashes that occur while going through these life changing events. It cannot remove all symptoms of menopause. If serious problems persist please consult a physician.

Is RejuvenAir only for perimenopausal women?

No. The RejuvenAir Fan can be used by men and women who desire a compact fan that can be easily turned on and off with the tap of a finger or elbow or by anyone as it functions also as a standard table top fan.

Does the RejuvenAir have a single power setting?

No. The RejuvenAir has two power settings allowing you the convenience of being able to customize the airflow. Our goal at RejuvenAir is to give you as much control over your life as we can with all our products.

Can I tilt the fan to point in multiple directions?

Absolutely you can! The RejuvenAir has a wide 45 degree tilting angle allowing you to point it in just about any vertical direction you need. This lets you put the fan at just about any level and still get the full impact of the air-flow.

Is it a fixed fan or does it oscillate?

The RejuvenAir does in fact oscillate in a 60 degree arc allowing it to cover a wide area at whichever setting you turn it to. Though if you want a single direction air flow you can have that as well.

Is the RejuvenAir battery powered?

No, it is an electric fan. The RejuvenAir does come with a long cord, making it convenient to position the fan where you need it.

Will my husband get cold if I use the RejuvenAir Fan while we are sleeping?

The RejuvenAir is designed for personal comfort by cooling only several feet of space, not the entire room. You can therefore adjust the temperature on your side of the bed without disturbing your spouse.

Can I take the RejuvenAir with me to work?

Yes. The RejuvenAir is compact and light enough to bring anywhere. Your hot flashes don't just occur at night; use RejuvenAir anytime, any place you need to be cooled off.

How do I clean my RejuvenAir?

Because your RejuvenAir moves air it will require regular cleaning to maximize its effectiveness. To clean it simply unplug and wipe off the fan with a soft cloth.

What are the Product Dimensions?

7 x 7 x 12 inches; 2.2 pounds.

  • "RejuvenAir has made my life so much easier and put me back in control!"
  • "I've tried a wide variety of solutions to the hot flashes I experience through-out the day and nothing seemed to work. I don't know about anyone else but my flashes don't last terribly long and I would have to constantly turn on and off fans to cool off..."
  • "...That was until I found the RejuvenAir fan. The auto-shut-off feature alone makes it worth every penny. Now all I have to do is hit the button and it runs for just the right amount of time to cool me off before it shuts down automatically. What a stress saver!"
  • "I don't want to say RejuvenAir® is a life saver but...RejuvenAir® is a life saver. Just the perfect little breeze I need to get through my hot flashes. Just perfect."
  • "Who knew there would be such a simple solution to my problem? This fan works great and the simplest of ideas makes all the difference. The timer is spectacular!"
  • "What a neat idea. The fact that the fan oscillates is just wonderful. Not only can I use it to cool off but I can use it as a general fan too! Multipurpose things are great!"
  • "Another fabulous & brillant intervention by Dr. Klein. This unigue fan has so many options besides just taming "my hot flash beast"! I'll be toting this little baby to my Zumba class to keep me cool. It will be the rave soon.... make space next to my Vivite skin care :) Thank you for taking care of us ladies!!"
  • "What a great idea! This would def be on my nightstand!!"
  • "Perfect timing! Have just begun to get little hot flashes (eek!) and so really have think of yet another female maintenance issue. With Dr Klein doing my thinking for me she relieves the stress in more ways than one. Many,many thanks Dr Klein"
  • "ok... now here's some to rave about!!! A fan made for women by women! Hopefully it's sitting by my bedside soon!! Thanks Greer & OC!"
  • "I love that it can be operated so simply ad goes off automatically. Hope that I can win one or win the fantastic facial products."
  • "Wow I read about this on OC Greer. This would be a GOD send for my family. We have hot flashes, AC wars and hormone swings in our household every day it seems. Now if only it served chocolate as well... :)"
  • "This sounds amazing, I would certainly love to have this around at night when the flashes are coming!"
  • "This fan is so convenient and easy to use! I saw it on the Dr.Oz Show and I also love how portable it is. I also love Dr.Klein. She deserved I had skin cancer years ago and treat me and I have been her patient ever since."
  • "The best feature I like about the fan is the auto shut-off! Thanks!!"
  • "This fan is fantastic. It's very quite and doesn't wake my partner. I love it and would recommend it to anyone. Buy it and you will see for yourself."